Success is defined and described as exciting, hard work, elusive, rewarding; the list goes on and on. I want to explore one way that I have experienced success that may call into question whether I have truly attained success because my assertion is: Success is boring. Yes, that’s right – boring.  Just to be clear, I definitely agree that getting to success can include exhilarating moments and that getting to success includes elusive moments and disappointments.

The reality check is that sometimes we don’t even make it to the goal. I have found myself stalled in the idea and preparation stages which resulted in no to little action.  I felt like I needed more information, more experience, more credibility – get the picture? I would always need more of something in order to take the next steps that could actually offer me more information, experience, credibility, etc.

Success itself can be exciting and it can also be disappointing, frustrating, scary and as I shared earlier – unforgivingly boring.  Why? We have to shift our mindset and behaviors in order to go from reaching a goal to be able to occupy and remain at the goal. In the area of weight loss, the changes in eating, moving and lifestyle to lose pounds, inches, etc. will look and feel very different than a maintenance approach.  Successfully losing weight doesn’t always mean that we will keep it off.   To consistently do something over and over again and not see much of anything change can create frustration and dissatisfaction.  The same can be said of paying off bills and getting to a zero credit card balance or accumulating savings.  It might not feel as rewarding to keep that credit card at a zero or see your account stay on the plus side or slowly accumulate savings.  It takes a redefined mindset and expectations to appreciate the success of sameness or slow growth.

In part 2 of Success Is Boring we’ll explore self-awareness, success strategies and how to shift from startup mode to seasoned mode when we’re tackling projects and goal setting.

Join me for the Fabulous on Purpose! Podcast as I go into more depth my 2 part podcast addressing an overlooked aspect of success. To take a listen to part 1, visit the Podcast tab here on and listen to Episode 4, Success is Boring Part 1. 

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