We can busy but that doesn’t mean that we’re working towards purpose.  I’ve wrestled with what I was going to be, how would I make a mark on the world? I had grand plans, ideas, and visions but it was mixed with doubt about things working out, thoughts about being too young and not knowing enough or having enough experience.  Sound familiar?

Sometimes I’d play at bringing my ideas into fruition and had varying experiences with disappointment and success.  What I found myself learning was that it wasn’t worth trying or it was best to play it safe.  I didn’t realize that my life experiences offered me many opportunities to learn resilience.  I began to realize that I was, in fact, capable, but I was also becoming aware that I really just wanted an easier and more predictable path. Easier and predictable didn’t offer lessons in resilience, tenacity, and determination.  These are the practices and lessons that are worthy and necessary to learn when pushing beyond complacency and into purpose.

We can be intentional about what we do even when we don’t ‘feel’ courageous, capable and accomplished.  Sometimes our feelings lead the narrative in our heads and emotions and dictate how we feel about what we are doing.  When that happens, we can pause and observe what we are actually doing to differentiate between how we feel and what we’re actually doing.

Living a life that is fabulous on purpose is based on intention, paying attention to our thoughts, our actions and where we are being consistency. Updating our thoughts and expectations of who we are and what we will do is necessary from time to time because we can find ourselves operating from old, outdated information or measuring the wrong criteria for the outcomes that we’re working towards.

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Podcast Episode 1, Pushing Into Purpose.  

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